Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What are the general eligible criteria's for buying plots property from CIDCO?

Ans. Should be an adult Indian citizen.

Q. What is the mode Payment?

Ans. All payments should be done by Demand draft or Pay order favoring CIDCO Ltd.

Q. How and where do I get No objection Certificate for getting a Housing Loan from various agencies?

Ans. One can get NOC from respective sections of the marketing department which has floated the scheme. Normally NOC for getting loan are available after paying registration/booking amount and after getting confirmed allotment.

Q. What are the constituents of miscellaneous charges?

Ans. Normally miscellaneous are charges are paid before possession. They contain attributes other than the basic price of the property, which may vary from scheme to scheme.

Q. What is maximum permissible FSI ?

Ans. Under normal circumstances FSI permitted for residential plots under 1000 sq m is 1.00.
For residential cum commercial or commercial plots above 1000 sq m FSI permission is 1.5.
For warehouse plots there is no FSI.
Permissible FSI also varies from plot to plot depending on its shape and utility.
For further details contact planning dept. of CIDCO.

Q. What is EMD?

Ans. Earnest Money Deposit collected from applicant applying for tender based property sale.

Q. What is carpet area / built up area/ super built-up area?

Ans. Carpet area is the inner area covering moving spaces in an apartment excluding walls and doors.
Built-up area = carpet area + width of walls.
Super built-up area varies from scheme to scheme based on the structure of the building.

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