Gram Vikas Bhavan

Sr.No. Particulars Information
1. Location Plot No. 76-A, in Sector-21, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
2. Plot Area 4137.93 sqm
3. Constructible Area
a. Main Building 5,783.34 sqm [Revised]
b. Auditorium 588.65 sqm
c. Ancillary Structures 149.10 Sq. M
d. Total area 6,521.09 Sq.M i.e.70,192.43 sqft
4. Brief scope of work The scope of work includes construction of (G+5) R.C.C. frame
structure with:
a.Auditorium of capacity of 500 persons,
b. Workshop for 100 persons,
c.Double bedded rooms- 57 Nos,
d. Dining & kitchen for 120 persons,
e. Shopping Area for 33 shops.
5. Agency M/s IVRCL Infrastructures & Projects Ltd.
6. Architect/ Consultants M/s Radius Design Solutions. Pune.
7. Structural Consultants M/s Sunil Mutalik & Associates, Pune.
8. RCC Proof Consultant IIT, Powai, Mumbai.
9. Third Party Auditor₃ M/s Vimal Solutions Pune (Shri M.V. Patil.), Retd. Secretary, PWD
Govt. of Maharashtra.
10. Estimated Cost of Project Total Cost:- Rs. 18,09,71,752.77
11. Awarded value of work Rs. 18,07,94,666.40, lacs
12. Financial Progress
Funds received Up to date funds received from RD & WC Deptt, Govt.of Maharashtra =815.80 lakh (i.e. up to Nov-2010)
Up to date
Expenditure Up to date Expenditure incurred
incurred on project including CIDCO charges = Rs.781.88 lacs.
13. Physical Progress
Slab at (+) 17.85 mtrs of Main building is in progress
The Lift works (3 nos.) are in progress
Retaining wall along periphery completed: 220m out of 335m.
Sub-station work is in progress.
Concrete block masonry for fourth floor is completed.
Brick Masonry for fourth floor is completed.
Fabrication of Structural steel girder for Auditorium and columns for pergola is in progress.
Auditorium 1st Slab Partly completed.
POP in shops completed.
External plaster for shopping completed.
Tiling work in toilet in progress.
Laying of GI pipes for Fire-fighting work is in progress

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