CIDCO appointed as SPA for NAINA

Sr no. Description Pdf.
1. Notification area Map
2. Details NAINA
3. Naina English Gazette notification
4. Naina Marathi Gazette notification
5. Naina Official Address
6. ZCS Application
7. Document requirement for ZCS
8. NAINA NOC for NA Application & document requirement
9. NAINA Alication fordevelopment permission & check list
10. Scale of Charges Fees
11. Format for affidavit/undertaking & format of indemnity bond by the owner
12. Appointment order of Town Planning Officer (TPO) NAINA
13. Notification for declaration of intention to prepare Development Plan (English & Marathi)
14. Plan accompanying with notification
15. Revised development charges
16. Revised development model.
17. "Commencement Certificate (CC) granted Link
18. "Draft Interim Development Plan for 23 Villages" Link
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