Housing Projects

CIDCO framed its housing policy incorporating self-financing principle
using land as a prime resource in development of housing sector to meet the fast growing demand for all sections of society. The primary objective was to make the land affordable to all income groups and to allow all land uses. Households in Navi Mumbai are divided into various income categories, especially for the purpose of housing calculation (EWS is the economically weaker section, LIG is low-income group, MIG is the middle income group, and HIG is the high-income group). This is being used to achieve cross subsidisation. The higher income groups would pay a surcharge for housing, which would subsidise housing for the lower income groups. CIDCO decided to use a maximum surcharge of 15% on housing for highest income to compensate for a maximum subsidy of 45% to lowest income groups. Between 1970 and 1990, CIDCO was prime supplier of fully constructed affordable houses under conventional approach to the EWS, LIG, MIG and to some extent HIG.

Year CIDCO % Private % Total
Upto 1980 6724 6 1121 1 7845
1981-1985 37670 31 5100 5 42770
1986-1990 19420 16 11525 11 30945
1991-1995 27817 23 16625 16 44442
1996-2000 17341 15 29577 29 46918
2001-2007 10488 9 38042 37 48530
Total 119460 100 101990 (68%) 100 221450 (82%)
Under Construction 440 (0.4%) 48586* (32%) 49026 (18%)
Total 119900 44% 150576 56% 270476

CIDCO has constructed about 123,577 of housing stock in the city, out of which 51% of housing for EWS / LIG, while 26% was reserved for MIG and 23% for HIG. The emphasis was on providing affordable housing for EWS. / LIG

The total housing stock created in Navi Mumbai is about 2,25,000 units, out of which 1,23,577 units are built by CIDCO and rest by private sector. About 50,000 houses are under construction by private developers. Thus, so far there are about 2.75 lakhs houses in Navi Mumbai including those under construction. About 74% of the households own their houses in Navi Mumbai.

CIDCO constructed houses for EWS under Bombay Urban Development Project (BUDP) I, II and III in Airoli, Kopar Khairane, Kharghar, Nerul, Kalamboli and New Panvel. Some ambitious housing projects were also undertaken by the Corporation for different income groups i.e. Gharkul and Spaghetti for LIG, and MIG, Millennium Towers for MIG and Seawoods Estate for HIG like Non Resident Indians.

CIDCO’s Futuristic Approach in Housing

Behind the graceful and beautiful architectural designs of the various Housing Projects of Navi Mumbai, prominent and famous names from the world of Indian Architecture have associated themselves in its creation, some of them including Charles Correa, Hafeez Contractor, Ratan Batliboi, Shirish Sukhatme, Achyut Kanvinde, Shirish Patel have lent their artistic hand in shaping and moulding the Cityscape of Navi Mumbai immensely

Modern Technologies in use

The dynamics of ever changing technologies has always been a subject of keen interest for CIDCO, which lay the foundation of innovation in housing in the year 1972. The Corporation used load bearing composite masonry - involving brickwork and RCC mullions. Later, large-sized prefab panels were used. Innovations kept happening with various emerging technologies like Prefab Channel Slab, 3-S Siporex System, Tunnel Form, advanced Tunnel Form, MIVAN and earthquake resistant technology.

Seawoods Estate

Navi Mumbai is not known as the ideal modern city for no reason. While planning the city, CIDCO took every possible care to see that the citizens love to call it their home. A glimpse of this ambition was visible as Seawoods Estate emerged.

Located on a verdant 2,30,000 sq. m of land, Seawoods Estate in Nerul is an exclusive residential complex of elegant apartments and duplex penthouses. The Phase-I, developed in the year 1996, consisted of 46 towers and 1,534 apartments and is fully occupied. Set on a lush green landscape by the sea, the project offers an amazing harmony – a perfect blend of serene environment and comfort living – amidst the hustle and bustle of Navi Mumbai.

Initially planned for NRIs, these apartments are now being offered to resident Indians too. Automatic membership to an exclusive Spanish villa type clubhouse with contemporary facilities is also available.

What makes Seawoods Estate the crème-de-la-crème of housing projects ?

1. Manmade water bodies, mounds, downs and meadows within the complex.

2. Green landscaping all around.

3. A sea-facing rotunda and promenade with a tree-lined avenue.

4. An extensive recreation ground, away from the vehicular traffic area.

5. Creatively designed playground with many nooks and corners, with shaded and uncovered areas on
    different levels to facilitate imaginative and creative games.

Seawoods Estate-II

Considering the high demand for Higher Income Group Apartments on the Palm Beach Marg, CIDCO has planned and taken up the construction of the remaining apartments of the Seawoods Estate in the year 2007.

The project comprises of 4 buildings with 252 apartments and offers 2 BHK, 3 BHK, duplex and penthouse apartments. A spacious clubhouse, swimming pool, children’s play area and greenery dotting the landscape will add to the sense of luxurious living in this complex.

Millennium Towers

Millennium Towers, as the name suggests, is an intelligent housing scheme for this millennium. With this mega project, were introduced a lot of well-thought out amenities earlier unheard of in Navi Mumbai.

Designed for Middle and Higher Income Groups, the project offers video monitoring facility, internet, telephone, intercom and cable TV through optical fibre connection to every flat – a first of its kind in India. Besides, fire alarms and fire-fighting systems on each floor add to the excellent amenities.

The project also offers an exclusive clubhouse, Billiard and Pool tables, facilities for other indoor games, guest rooms, restaurant, gymnasium, swimming pool and a shopping plazaMillennium Towers is located in the Sanpada node, which is well-connected to CST (Mumbai) and Thane by railway as well as Sion-Panvel Expressway. A special form of Tunnel Technology was used for the construction of this mega housing complex.


Considering the huge public demand in Kharghar, one of the most beautiful nodes of Navi Mumbai, CIDCO came up with the housing project ‘Gharkul’ in the year 2000. It was an ambitious project of 5,000 houses.Phase-I consisted of A, B and C type Condominiums with 1,152 houses, whereas Phase-II consisted of D type Condominiums with 240 houses.


1. Set amidst a natural and pollution-less background of hills
    and rivers.

2. Reputed schools, colleges, playgrounds, hospitals, shopping
    centres, etc. in the vicinity.

3. In close proximity to the Mumbai-Pune Highway.

4. 20 minutes from Kharghar Railway Station.

5. Each house equipped with telephone line and cable TV connection.


Located in the fast-developing Kharghar node, spaghetti is an ambitious project comprasing 1,500 houses at affordable prices for the Middle Income Group (MIG). It was built as the second phase of the ‘Gharkul’ housing project.


In the year 2003, CIDCO presented the citizens of Navi Mumbai with ‘Gharonda’, a beautiful housing project of 2,792 houses in Sector 9 at Ghansoli. The project was a huge success owing to the excellent amenities and affordable rates.


1. ISO 9001-2000 Certified housing project.

2. Earthquake-resistant, proven concrete wall technology.

3. Schools, colleges, gardens, hospitals, etc. in the vicinity and
     shops in the complex.

4. Just 10 minutes from Ghansoli Railway Station.


Even while creating the most modern housing projects, CIDCO was concerned with the needs of the ordinary people. The ‘Niwara’ housing scheme in New Panvel is the result of such concern

The New Panvel node was primarily planned for residential development. It would cater to the housing requirement of employees working in nearby industrial estates of Taloja, Patalganga, Panvel Co-op. Industrial Estate, etc.

Spread over an area of 15,500 sq. m, the scheme includes 2 condominiums with total 480 tenements. The project was executed using the ‘Tunnel Form’ technology, and included a landscaped garden.


‘Simplex’, the Low Cost Housing Scheme in Sector-7 of Ghansoli, was designed for the Lower Income Group, especially Mathadi workers.With a total 3,168 tenements and 96 shops,it became one of the most popular housing projects of CIDCO. It was constructed using the advanced ‘MIVAN Form’ technology of Malaysia

VastuVihar & Celebration

Aiming to provide a common residential space for the Lower Income Group (LIG) and Middle Income Group (MIG), CIDCO came up with VastuVihar (for LIG) and Celebration (for MIG) Housing Schemes of 2,144 tenements at Kharghar’s Sector-16 and 17 respectively.

VastuVihar Housing Scheme contains 624 tenements of KH-1 type and 512 tenements of KH-2 type, whereas Celebration Housing Scheme consists of 476 tenements of KH-3 type and 532 tenements of KH-4 type.


1. Creative and artistic housing schemes, jointly designed by CIDCO’s architects, renowned architects and
    consultant Shri Shirish Sukhatme

2. Constructed using pre-created architectural components of M/s B. G. Shirke Construction Technology Pvt.

3. School, colleges, hospitals, bus stops, and other facilities of everyday use in the vicinity

4. 20 minutes from Kharghar Railway Station

5. Near Mumbai-Pune Expressway


Again a housing scheme for the LIG, CIDCO’s Unnati is an ambitious project of 1,344 tenements in Sector-19 A of the Ulwe node. This new project contains 800 tenements of UL-1 type, 538 tenements of UL-2 type and 6 tenements of UL-2 (A) type.


1. Creative and artistic housing schemes, jointly designed by
    CIDCO’s architects and architecture experts of M/s B. G.
    Shirke Construction Technology Pvt. Ltd

2. Constructed using pre-created architectural components of
    M/s B. G. Shirke Construction Technology Pvt. Ltd.

CIDCO'S Upcoming Housing Scheme

On 1st May, 2011, hon'ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra announced that CIDCO will take up housing schemes for around 12,000 houses. Anticipating huge demand for housing – a scheme for 7566 houses for EWS & LIG categories and 1,224 houses for MIG & HIG categories have already been proposed to be taken up in Ghansoli, Vashi, Kharghar and Taloja-Panchanand.

In the first phase, 2,922 houses in Sector 36 of Kharghar have been planned to cater to EWS & LIG categories with configuration of 1 BHK whereas 1,224 houses of 2 BHK & 3 BHK category to cater to MIG & HIG sections of the society are being undertaken immediately. The construction of houses at other identified locations would be undertaken progressively within a span of 2-3 years.

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