CIDCO was appointed as SPA to develop Khopta Township

1. Ares 9,394 hectares approx. comprising 25 villages of Uran
    Taluka and 7 villages of Panvel Taluka

2. Situated immediate to south-east of the Dronagiri Industrial
    Zone in Navi Mumbai, separated by the Karanja creek and
    connected by the Khopta bridge

3. CIDCO has prepared the current land use map and
    development plan of the villages of Panvel Taluka, and has
    presented it to the government on 28.03.2007.

4. The development plan of 6 villages namely Karnala (Tara),
    Barapada, Dighati, Sai, Kasarbhat and Dolghar of Panvel
    Taluka was sanctioned by State Govt. in UDD on 04.04.2012
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