Public Relation Department
1. The Public Relations Dept. acts as an Interface between the Corporation and the Public at large. This  
    Interface can be defined with more clarity – Interface between the Corporation and its Customers as well as
    Interface between Corporation and Media at large.

2. While the Public Relations Dept. acts as an Interface, in a
    broad sense, it uses the tools such as print media , electronic
    media, internet, photographs, website, press notes, handouts,
    information brochures, articles, news and other
    communication tools to inculcate information about the
    Corporation. In a way, it strengthens the ties between the
    Corporation and its customers.

3. It also uses different vehicles of modern communication such
    as In-house journal, exhibitions, cultural interface, as a
    means to provide information and strengthen relationship. As
    a Corporate Communication Dept. of the Corporation, it
    releases the marketing, corporate, civil and other notices to
    attract specific customers.

4. The Public Relations Dept. provides information to its customers, maintains clip bank, data bank, prepares
    design layouts for quality information brochures, prepares corporate films, power-point presentation,
    organizes press visits, press conferences, releases news and feature articles about the Corporation, its
    achievements, new projects, organizes interviews of its senior officials with media, etc.
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